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radchem @ sinap.ac.cn
(symposium organizer)
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(Dr. Wu)


Zhiyuan ZHU
(SINAP, CAS, China )
(The University of Tokyo , Japan )
(Bhabha Atomic Research Center , India)



Scope & History

   The 1 st symposium, sponsored by Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics (SINAP) and Chinese Radiation Chemistry Society, is termed ¡°Asia-Pacific Symposium on Radiation Chemistry¡± (APSRC). The main purpose is to bring together regional chemists and other researchers interested in the chemical aspects of the interaction between radiation and matter and to present the state-of-the art in various domains.

   APSRC was initiated by Radiation Chemistry Society of Japan, Chinese Radiation Chemistry Society, and Indian Society of Radiation & Photochemistry. In the October of 2004, representatives of above three bodies signed The Agreement in Xi'An , China (see the picture). It was agreed that APSRC will be held every two years in China , Japan , and India in turn.

The 1st APSRC conference mainly focuses on the following scopes
A. Radiation effects in solid, liquid, gaseous phases
B. Pulse radiolysis and Laser photolysis and femtochemistry
C. Radiation Application in industry and waste disposal
D. Radiation application in nano-material, biology and others
E. Nanoparticles and ionic liquids
F. Installations


Academic Committee

C. T. Aravindakumar (India)
S. KAPOOR (India)
Jay A. LaVerne (USA)
Hideki Mamba (Japan)
Mehran Mostafavi (France)
Kazumich Nakagawa (Japan)
Young-Chang Nho( Korea )
Kanglong Sheng ( China )
Masakazu Washio ( Japan )
Side Yao ( China )
Yoichi Yoshida ( Japan )
Jianping Zhang ( China )
Zhicheng Zhang ( China )

Local Organizing Committee

Guozhong WU,   Wenfeng WANG,
Junfeng YU,   Xuewu GE,
Jie CHEN,   Maolin ZHAI,
Minghong WU,   Yunshu XU

Secretary General

Guozhong WU (SINAP , China )

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