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Outstanding Overseas Scholarship

Graduate Education  

    Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics (SINAP) is qualified to grant MSc and PhD degrees in both science and engineering academic fields at the specialties of Nuclear Technology and Applications, Inorganic Chemistry, Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics, Signal and Information Processing, Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology, and Optical Engineering. Since China resumed postgraduate education in 1978, the Institute has so far recruited and trained about 200 MSc students and 100 PhD students. Currently there are 319 full-time postgraduate students at the Institute, of which 160 are PhD students and 159 MSc students. Fifty PhD and 80 MSc students will be recruited in 2007.

    Students at SINAP have not only been able to acquire solid basic knowledge, quick scientific insight and active creative thinking, but also develop fine qualities of realistic approach, truth seeking attitude, collaborative work, and creative spirit. In the last decade, our students received numerous prestigious awards from external organizations. They frequently publish their research papers in leading national and international journals and conference proceedings.