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"The International Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics in Heavy-Ion Reactions and the Symmetry Energy (IWND2009)" will be held in Shanghai, China, on Aug 23-25th, 2009.
The Workshop immediately follows the International Conference on Nucleus-Nucleus Collision (NN2009), which will be held in Beijing, China, during August 16-21th, 2009. The goal of the workshop is to exchange information with international and domestic experts on heavy ion collision dynamics and to focus on some hot topics, such as symmetry energy, phase transition in strong interaction matter and reaction mechanism for synthesis of superheavy elements etc. In addition, the experimental opportunities in some Chinese facilities, such as CSR-Lanzhou and possible international collaborations in these areas can also be discussed.
Attendance of the Workshop will be limited to about 50 participants. Anyone interested in participating, should contact the organizers by electronic mail no later than July 15th, 2009.


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Deadline of the manuscript submission is:
15 November 2009.


Registration and Abstract Submission deadline is extended to July 15th.


The list of received abstracts is available now (till July 15th).

If you need the entry visa to China, the following information is necessary for each participant and the possible accompanying person. For the later, which relationship to the participant should be claimed.


  • Nuclear Reaction Dynamics and Isospin Effects in Heavy-Ion Collisions
  • Symmetry Energy in Nuclear Matter and Neutron Stars
  • Phase Transitions of Nuclear Matter in Strongly Interaction Matter
  • Reaction mechanism for synthesis of superheavy elements

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