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China-Korea-Japan Joint Workshop
on electron/photon sources and applications

December 2-3, 2010
Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics (SINAP), Shanghai, China

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Thursday, Dec. 2, 2010




Welcome address

Zhengtang Zhao
(SINAP, China)


Opening address

Seong Hee Park
(KAERI, Korea)


Session 1: Opening Session (45min/talk)

Chair: Zhengtang Zhao
(SINAP, China)

Shanghai deep-UV FEL facility

Dong Wang
(SINAP, China)


R&D on THz and gamma ray generation at KAERI

Seong Hee Park
(KAERI, Korea)


The Compact superconducting rf Linac based FEL technologies and applications for nuclear decontamination

Eisuke Minehara
(WERC, Japan)


Coffee & Tea Break


Session 2: Electron-based quantum radiations (30min/talk)

Chair: Hideaki Ohgaki
(Kyoto University, Japan)


Activities on laser acceleration at KAERI

Kitae Lee
(KAERI, Korea)


Development of LCS X-rays and coherent THz sources on the basis of S-band compact Linac at AIST

Ryunosuke Kuroda
(AIST, Japan)


Lunch Break


Session 3: FEL & ERL (30min/talk), Chair: Seong Hee Park
(KAERI, Korea)

Development of the edge-focus wiggler for FEL and SASE

Goro Isoyama
(Osaka University, Japan)

  Simulation study of PAL XFEL Ilmoon Hwang
(Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, KOREA)
  Femtosecond beam injector for bunched-FEL at THz region Fusashi Miyahara 
(Tohoku University, Japan)
  Activities on FEL development and application at Kyoto University Kai Masuda
(Kyoto University, Japan)
  Simulation and design study for Undulator upgrade plan at KU-FEL Satoshi Ueda
(Kyoto University, Japan)
15:45~16:00 Coffee & Tea Break
16:00~17:30 Session 4: Synchrotron light sources (30min/talk) Chair: Dong Wang
(SINAP, China)

SSRF accelerator and its commissioning

Hao-Hu Li
(SINAP, China)

THz coherent synchrotron radiation project employing isochronous ring with femtosecond electron beam

Hiroyuki Hama
(Tohoku University, Japan)
  Recent activity on coherent light source development in UVSOR-II Byungjoon Chun
(UVSOR, Japan)
18:00~ Banquet

Friday, Dec. 3, 2010


Session 5: Advanced electron beam sources (30min/talk)

Chair: Qiang Gu
(SINAP, China)

Status of development of a 500kV photocathode electron gun for ERL light sources

Nobuyuki Nishimori
(JAEA, Japan)

  Preliminary design on the 500keV DC gun and 5 MeV injector Shengguang Liu
(IHEP, China)


DC-SRF photocathode injector at Peking University Feng Zhu
(PKU, China)
  Photocathode RF gun facilities at Osaka University Jinfeng Yang
(Osaka University, Japan)
10:45~11:00 Coffee & Tea Break


Session 6: Electron/photon beam applications (30min/talk) Chair: Jinfeng Yang
(Osaka University, Japan)
  Photocathode RF gun development and applications at THU Houjun Qian 
(THU, China)
  Isotope Detection by nuclear resonance fluorescence with laser Compton Gamma-rays Hideaki Ohgaki
(Kyoto University, Japan)


Closing session
  Workshop Summary & Closing address Hideaki Ohgaki
(Kyoto University, Japan)
12:10~13:30 Lunch Break
13:30~ Shanghai light source tour