Name Title
1 G. Torrieri A Statistical model analysis of yields and fluctuations at SPS and RHIC energies
2 Alexandru JIPA On a “microscopic Hubble constant” from relativistic nuclear collisions
3 Olga Barannikova System size dependence of freeze-out properties at RHIC
4 Frederique Grassi  On the necessity to include event-by-event fluctuations in experimental evaluation of elliptical flow
5 H. H.Dalsgaard Nuclear Stopping: Paving the way from RHIC to LHC
6 K.Morita Source chaoticity in relativistic heavy collisions at SPS and RHIC
7 W.N.Zhang Pion elliptic flows and hbt interferometry in a granular quark-gluon plasma droplet model
8 A.Szczurek and A. Rybicki The effect of the spectator charge on the charged pion spectra in peripheral ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions
9 Guoji Lin  The inclusive photon and charged particle $v_2$ at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=$200GeV in Au+Au and Cu+Cu collisions
10 Monika Sharma Energy and system size dependence of photon production at forward rapidities at RHIC
11 I. J. Choi Inclusive single muon flow for Au+Au collisions at  SNN=200 GeV in the PHENIX experiment at RHIC
12 Martin L. Purschke Measurement of η pT distributions in SNN =200 GeV Au-Au collisions at RHIC-PHENIX
13 N.AHMAD Multiplicity Distribution of Particles Produced in Relativistic Nuclear Collision
14 B. Alver An Analysis Method for Measuring Elliptic Flow Fluctuations in PHOBOS
15 Terence J Tarnowsky Energy and System size dependence study of percolation phase transition
16 V. Ryabov Measurements of the multi-hadron decays of ω and η mesons in heavy ion collisions at SN N= 200 GeV in the PHENIX experiment at RHIC
17 Jiaxu Zuo Directed and elliptic flow of Omega from the AMPT model
18 Wei-Liang Qian Effect of partonic EOS on identified particle spectrums at 200AGeV Au-Au Collisions at RHIC
19 Debasish Das Identical Meson Interferometry in STAR Experiment
20 G.G. Barnaf¨oldi Does the cronin peak disappear?
21 Wei Liu Quark and gluon jet conversions in the quark-gluon plasma
22 Gabor Veres Simulation of jet quenching observables in Heavy Ion Collisions at the LHC
23 C.Ristea Identified particle nuclear modification factors at rapidity 2-3.8 in au+au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$=200 GeV
24 Camelia Mironov Probing the Quark Gluon Plasma at LHC with virtual $\gamma$/$Z^0$ tagged Jets in CMS
25 V.S.Pantuev Alternative  view on jet absorption scenario
26 A.Adil Finite Creation Time Effects on Collisional Energy Loss of Non-Asymptotic Jets in a QGP
27 B. Betz Numerical evaluation of jet energy loss
28 A.~Peshier The QCD collisional energy loss revised
29 Claude A Pruneau Methods for Jet Studies with Three-Particle Correlations
30 M. Nguyen Photon-hadron two particle correlations in   SNN= 200GeV Au+Au collisions with the PHENIX detector
31 Maya SHIMOMURA  Measurement of Azimuthal Anisotropy for High pT Charged Hadron at RHIC-PHENIX
33 A. Sickles Particle Species Dependence of Jet Fragmentationat Intermediate   in  SNN= 200 GeV Au+Au Collisions at PHENIX
34 N. Grau Evolution of the Away-side Jet Shape and Yield From π0-h± Correlations in SNN  = 200 GeV Au+Au collisions
35 Luan Cheng Jet Quenching in 1+1 Dimension Expanding Medium with Chemical Non-equilibrium
36 Jiangyong Jia Study of the medium modification of the away side jet using π0-hadron correlation in AuAu/CuCu collisions in PHENIX
37 Jason Glyndwr Ulery Are There Mach Cones in Heavy Ion Collisions? Three-Particle Azimuthal Correlations in STAR
38 M. J. Tannenbauma Why the xE distribution triggered by a leading particle does not measure the fragmentation function but does measure the ratio of the transverse momenta of the away-side jet to the trigger-side jet.
39 F. Benedosso Azimuthal correlations between photons and charged hadrons in p+p and d+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$=200 GeV
40 Hua Pei Medium Effect on Jet Correlations in Au+Au and Cu+Cu Collisions at
 $\sqrt(s_{NN}) $ = 200 GeV at RHIC-PHENIX
41 S. Zhang Time Evolution, pT and η Dependences of Mach-like Correlations in a Partonic Transport Model
42 I.Arsene Strangeness production in Au+Au reactions at 62.4 AGeV 
43 Ding Hengtong  Energy loss of charm quark via dimuon production in Pb-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=5.5$ TeV
44 Li Yan Charm Quark Thermalization in Quark-Gluon Plasma
45 Anthony Timmins for the STAR Collaboration The Centrality Dependence of Strange Baryon and Meson Production in Cu+Cu and Au+Au Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions with sNN = 200 GeV
46 Bin Zhang $J/\psi$ production from charm coalescence in relativistic heavy ion collisions
47 F.Prino J/$\psi$ production relative to the reaction plane in Pb-Pb collisions at the CERN SPS
48 K.Zapp Heavy quark energy loss through soft qcd scattering in the QGP
49 J.Casalderrey-Solana Heavy Quark Diffusion in N=4 Yang-Mills at Strong Coupling
50 Denes Molnar Charm-anticharm azimuthal correlations at RHIC
51 Hai Qu Measurement of J/Ψ polarization from muon decay channel in PP collisions at  SNN= 200GeV in PHENIX Experiment at RHIC
52 S.X. Oda Measurement of J/Ψ mesons via di-electrons in Cu+Cu collisions at RHIC-PHENIX
53 A. Glenn PHENIX J/ψ results at forward rapidity in SNN= 200 GeV Au+Au and Cu+Cu collisions
54 Yuhei Morin A search for condensed double anti-K bound state at PHENIX
55 DongJo Kim Heavy flavor production from single muon measurement in Cu+Cu collisions at RHIC
56 M. Nielsen Gluon saturation and $J/\Psi$ production in nucleus-nucleus collisions
57 Liang Li Strangeness Production in Relativistic Nuclear Collisions
58 M. G. Munhoz  Measurement of multi-strange (anti-)baryon production in Cu+Cu collisions
59 Ming X. Liu A Study of Open Charm Production in p+p Collisions at Forward Rapidity at sqrt{s} = 200 GeV in PHENIX
60 E. Bruna Open charm reconstruction in alice: D+ K π+π+
61 G. Y. Qin Eelectromagnetic radiation from broken symmetries in relativistic nuclear collisions 
62 K. Dusling Thermal Dimuon Yields at NA60
63 Michael Murray Measuring Photons and Neutrons at Zero Degree in CMS
68 M.Harada, C.Sasaki Thermal Dilepton Production from Dropping $\rho$ based on the Vector Manifestation
69 S.Yokkaichi Low mass dielectron measurements at J-PARC
70 Ronald S. Longacre Observation of ∆φ∆η Scaled Correlation Signals which increase with Centrality of Au Au collisions at sNN =200 Gev
71 K. Shigaki Multi-Channel Measurements of Light Vector Mesons at PHENIX
72 S. Campbell Dielectron continuum measurements in SNN=200 GeV Cu+Cu collisions at PHENIX
73 Kentaro Miki Azimuthal anisotropy measurement of direct photon in SNN =200GeV Au+Au collisions at RHIC-PHENIX
74 Haijiang Gong Search for direct photons from AuAu collisions using a new pi0 tagging method in the PHENIX experiment at RHIC
75 T.Sakaguchi System size and energy dependence of photon production measured with the PHENIX experiment at RHIC
76 Y.Nakamiya Improvement of signal/noise ratio for studying low-mass vector mesons via di-electron decay channel in PHENIX
77 G.Papp From Di-hadron correlations to parton intrinsic transverse momentum
78 Wojciech Florkowski  Event-by-event $p_T$ fluctuations and multiparticle clusters in relativistic collisions
79 A.Kisiel Femtoscopy in hydrodynamics inspired models with single freeze-out 
80 G.Stefanek New results on fluctuations and correlations from the Na49 experiment 
81 S.Vogel Resonance production in Heavy Ion Collisions at RHIC - what is strange and what is not so strange?
82 K.Wo\'{z}niak Multiplicity fluctuations in Au+Au collisions at RHIC
83 W.A.Horowitz New Observable Predictions from Elastic, Inelastic, and Path Length Fluctuating Energy Loss
84 J. B. Zhang  Two-particle correlation in heavy-ion collisions at CSR energy
85 Paul Chung  Probing the nature of the long-range structure observed in the pion emission source at RHIC-PHENIX
86 Brijesh Srivastava Understanding the Particle Production Mechanism with Correlation Studies Using Long and Short Range Correlations and the Balance Function.
87 Tapan K. Nayak Net charge fluctuations using higher order cumulants
88 A. Enokizono mT and centrality scaling properties of source size and duration time measured by Bose-Einstein correlations at RHIC-PHENIX
89 Kensuke Homma  Study of critical exponents via σ-field fluctuations Kensuke Homma for the PHENIX collaboration
90 M.M. Khan Thermodynamical Interpretation of Fractal Nature of Multiplicity Fluctuations in Relativistic Nuclear Collisions
91 Petr Chaloupka π − Ξcorrelations in d+Au and Au+Au collisions at STAR
92 Supriya Das Strangeness fluctuation at RHIC
93 L.Turko Fluctuations, correlations and finite volume effects in RHIC
94 Y.Schroder Quark mass thresholds in QCD thermodynamics
95 H. Hansen Mesonic correlation functions at finite temperature and density in the Nambu -- Jona - Lasinio model with a Polyakov loop
96 Defu Hou Gloun fluctuation-induced first order transition and the complex energy gap in high density QCD
97 Y. Maezawa Static quark free energies at finite temperature in full QCD lattice simulations
99 Tan Zhigang Simulation of the transition between meson-system and QGP in a transport model
100 Y.Tsue Landau potential study of the chiral phase transition in a qcd-like theory
101 Shunji Yoshimoto Qurak Spectrum above the critical Temperature from the Schwinger-Dyson Equation
102 Xuguang Huang Phase Diagram of Color Superconductivity with Spin-0 and Spin-1 Pairings
103 Lianyi He Neutral Dense Quark Matter at Intermediate Temperatures
105 C.Sasaki Susceptibilities and the Phase Structure of a Chiral Model with the Polyakov Loop
106 A. K. Chaudhuri Dissipative hydrodynamics in 2+1 dimensions
107 K.Watanabe Amplification of Quantum Meson Modes in the Late Time of the Chiral Phase Transition
108 M.Isse Jet-fluid string formation and decay in high-energy heavy-ion collisions
109 T.Tashiro Hyperon polarization in quark-diquark cascade model
111 Y.Nemoto Collective excitations of quarks near chiral transition at finite temperature
112 G.Wolschin From RHIC to LHC: A relativistic diffusion approach
113 Ghi R. Shin The Evolution of Baryon Contents after Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
114 Jian Deng A model of relativistic BCS-BEC crossover
116 Meng Jin Phase Structure of Neutron-Proton Pairing in Isospin Asymmetric Nuclear Matter
117 R. Soltza  Determining the QCD Equation of State on the BlueGene/L Supercomputer
118 H. Torii Beam Test Performance of ALICE-PHOS Electro-Magnetic Calorimeter
119 R. Vogt HEND: A Database for High-Energy Nuclear Data
120 F.S. Navarra The Color Glass Condensate in an electron-ion collider
121 Gopika Sood Production of anticentauro events in  ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions
123 Yaping Wang Trigger Decision Criterion of the ALICE Photon Spectrometer
124 G.Renault  The Laser of the ALICE's Time Projection Chamber
125 C. H¨ohne The CBM experiment at FAIR - planning for an investigation of the intermediate range of the QCD phase diagram -
126 S. H. Ahn Performance of forward resistive plate chambers for muon triggering at CMS/LHC
127 Christian Holm Christensen The ALICE Forward Multiplicity Detector and Readout
128 N.Bastid Proton-proton physics with the ALICE muon spectrometer at the LHC
129 G.J.L. Nooren The Inner Tracking system of ALICE
130 Edwin Norbeck  Exotic physics at the LHC with CASTOR in CMS
131 P.Christiansen Results from the ALICE test TPC
132 A. Badalà, R. Barbera Study of hadronic resonances in ALICE
133 E.T.Atomssa Ddetector efficiency evaluation using dead zone removal by fiducial cuts
134 Ming Shao A Study of the Intrinsic Time Resolution of MRPC Used in STAR-TOF 
135 Donald Isenhower Resistive Plate Chambers and the Forward PHENIX Upgrade at RHIC
136 W. Sommer Quarkonia measurements with the central detectors of ALICE
137 SuHyeon Kim Readout system of the NCC for PHENIX
138 N. Grau Heavy Ion Jet Measurement Capabilities of the ATLAS Detector at LHC
139 Byungil Kim Background studies for single muon measurements in Au+Au collisions at  SNN=200 GeV in the PHENIX experiments at RHIC
140 J.Schambach STAR TOF Electronics and Cosmic Ray Test System
141 D. Elia The pixel Fast-OR signal for the ALICE trigger in pp collisions
142 C. Silvestre  A new alignment method for PHENIX muon arms
143 Xiaochun He The PHENIX Forward Muon Trigger Upgrade at RHIC
144 Yoshiyuki Onuki Pixel detector of Silicon Vertex Tracker for PHENIX at RHIC
145 Hanna Paulina Gos Proton femtoscopy in STAR
146 Mauro R. Cosentino Upsilon measurements in STAR
147 Yaxian Mao Charm Quark Energy Loss in Dense Matter large within the Light-Cone Path Integral Approach
148 P.Sorensen Methods for Measuring Elliptic Flow Fluctuations
149 JC Caillon Saturation properties of nuclear matter in a relativistic mean field model constrained by quark dynamics
151 K.Tywoniuk Energy dependence of nuclear suppression in the fragmentation region
152 Yi Wang

Chinese STAR-TOF MRPC production and QA testing

153 Y.Hidaka Spectrum of soft mode with thermal mass of quarks above critical temperature
154 G. David Electromagnetic probes at RHIC-II
155 Xiao-Mei Li Heat capacity and average transverse momentum relevant to QGP phase transition
157 Xuewen Hao Pion-Pion-Sigma Mixing in Pion Superfluidity
158 D.Peressounko Direct photon HBT correlations in Au+Au collisions at SNN =200 GeV
159 D.Peressounko Measurement of direct photon yield in d+Au collisions with internal conversion and other methods
160 Xiao-Ming Zhang Dead cone Effect of Charm Quark Radiation
161 K.Sakashita Radiation Damage Study of Slicon Stripixel Sensor for PHENIX Experiment
162 N.Ishii Nucleon-Nucleon Potential from Lattice QCD
163 S. Bekele Centrality Dependence of Charged Hadron p_t Spectra at Forward Rapidities in CuCu Collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}} = 200$
164 WooJin Park Single Muon Measurements at Forward Rapidities in Au+Au Collisions at SNN=200 GeV in the PHENIX experiment at RHIC
165 T.Sakaguchi System size and energy dependence of high pT hadron production measured with the PHENIX experiment at RHIC
166 T. Horaguchi Measurement of the Direct Photon Cross Section in Proton-Proton Collisions at  = 200 GeV with PHENIX
167 E. Simili Elliptic Flow Simulation and Analysis in ALICE
168 Xin Dong K*(892) production in Au-Au collisions at RHIC
169 David M. Lee Heavy Quark Measurements with the Forward Silicon Vertex Tracker Upgrade for PHENIX
170 David Winter High-pT  π0 production with respect to the reaction plane inSNN = 200 GeV Au+Au collisions at PHENIX
171 E.Kistenev Probing partonic distribution functions in nucleons and nucleus with Forward Calorimeters in the PHENIX experiment at RHIC
172 E. Vazquez Study of the jet modification via charged hadron two paticle correlation in Au+Au/p+p collisions at SNN= 200 GeV
173 E. Vazquez Comparing the v2 of charged hadron correlated with the leading 's and v2 for inclusive charged hadron in 200 GeV Au+Au collisions
174 Shafiq Ahmad Study of non-thermal phase transition in relativistic nuclear collisions
175 J. K. Nayak Phi Production at RHIC: Characterization of Coexistence Phase
176 Z.Fodor New results and perspectives on RAA measurements below 20GeV CM-energy at fixed target machines
177 Jiri Dolejsi Heavy-Ion Physics with the ATLAS Detector at the LHC
178 B. B. Back Energy conservation in relativistic heavy-ion collisions
179 Ali Hanks Measuring Bremsstrahlung Photons in ps = 200GeV p-p Collisions
180 Ferenc Sikler Low
$\mathbf{p_T}$ Hadronic Physics with the CMS Detector at the LHC
181 L.Bravina Production of $\phi$ meson in gold-gold and p+p collisions at top RHIC energy
182 T. Isobe Measurement of Direct Photons with the EMCal in  SNN= 200 GeV Au+Au Collisions at RHIC-PHENIX
183 E.Zabrodin Kink in nuclear phase diagram-a signal of phase transition?
184 V.K.Magas Bjorken expansion with gradual freeze out