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1 Program Schedule

Preliminary schedule of QM2006 plenary talks (PDF)






13 Nov.
Student Lectures

13:00-14:00 Nu Xu
14:00-15:00 Dam Thanh Son

15:00-15:30 Coffee Break

15:30-16:30 Tom Hemmick
16:30-17:30 Helmut Satz


14 Nov.

Plenary Talks 1
Opening Session
(9:00-10:20 AM)

Welcome (20)
Wenqin Shen (20)
Nick Samios (20)

Plenary Talks 2
Experimental Highlights
(10:50 AM-12:30 PM)

John Lajoie (25)
Lijuan Ruan (25)
Ian G.Bearden (25)
David Hofman


Plenary Talks 3
Experimental Highlights
(2:00 - 3:20 PM)

Matthias Grosse-Perdekamp (25)
Manuel Calderon (25)
Gianluca Usai (30)

Plenary Talks 4
Theory Overview
(3:40 - 5:25 PM)

Jean-Paul Blaizot (30)
Madappa Prakash (25)
Dam T. Son (25)

Jorgen Randrup (25)


15 Nov.

Plenary Talks 5
Bulk Properties and Collective Flow
(9:00-10:40 AM)

Derek Teaney (25)
Aihong Tang (25)
Tetsuo Hatsuda (25)
Joe Kapusta (25)

Plenary Talks 6
Bulk and Collective Properties of QGP
(11:00 AM -12:30 PM)

Olga Barranikova (25)
Chiho Nonaka (25)
Zuo-tang Liang (20)
Jin-hui Chen


Parallel Talks 1

Parallel Room 1
P1.1 QCD at high parton density

Parallel Room 2
P1.2 QCD Theory

Parallel Room 3
P1.3 Medium modification of jet structure

Parallel Room 4
P1.4 Future Heavy-ion experiments

Poster session

Social Activity I

16 Nov.

Plenary Talks 7
Jets and High pt
(9:00-10:40 AM)

Fuqiang Wang (25)
Jorge Casalderrey-Solana (25)
Julia Velkovska (25)
Hong Liu (25)

Plenary Talks 8 (25)
Jets and High pt
(11:00 AM-12:25 PM)

Alex Suaide (30)
Abhijit Majumder (30)

Levai Peter (25)


Plenary Talks 9
EM Probes
(2:00 -3:20 PM)

Justin Frantz (25)
Volker Metag (30)
Ralf Rapp (25)

Plenary Talks 10
Properties and dynamics of strongly interacting matter (3:50 -5:30 PM)

Che-ming Ko (25)
Francois Gelis (25)
Mike Strickland (25)
Krzysztof Redlich (25)


17 Nov.



18 Nov.

Plenary Talks 11
Quarkonium Production (9:00-10:40 AM)

Dima Kharzeev (25)
Mike Leitch (25)
Enrico Scomparin (25)
Peter Braun-Munzinger (25)

Plenary Talks 12
Quarkonium Production (10:50 AM-12:30 PM)

Matteo Cacciari (30)
Pengfei Zhuang (25)
Chaden Djalali (25)


Parallel Talks 2

Parallel Room 1
P2.1 Heavy quark production

Parallel Room 2
P2.2 Medium modification of high pt hadron spectra

Parallel Room 3
P2.3 QCD and strongly interacting matter

Parallel Room 4
P2.4 Global and Collective Dynamics I


19 Nov.

Plenary Talks 13
Heavy Ion Physics in the next 10 years
(9:00-11:00 AM)

Urs Wiedemann (30)
Federico Antinori (30)
Russell Betts (20)
Peter Steinberg (20)
Horst Stoecker (20)

Plenary Talks 14
Heavy Ion Physics in the next 10 years
(11:30-12:40 AM)

Barbara Jacak (30)
Walter Henning (20)
Shoji Nagamiya (20)


Parallel Talks 3

Parallel Room 1
P3.1 Heavy flavor and strange production??

Parallel Room 2
P3.2 Jet quenching and high pt hadron spectra and correlation

Parallel Room 3
P3.3 Photon and dilepton production

Parallel Room 4
P3.4 Global and Collective Dynamics II


20 Nov.

Plenary Talks 15
(9:00 -11:00 AM)

Marco van Leeuwen (30)
Ralf Averbeck (30)
Shinchi Esumi (30)
Larry McLerran (30)





Preliminary Schedule of QM2006 Plenary Program

November 13, Monday

Student Lectures:

1:00-2:00pm Nu Xu Bulk properties and Collective Dynamics (60)
2:00-3:00pm Dam Thanh Son AdS/CFT and QGP (60)1
3:00-3:30pm Coffee break
3:30-4:30pm Tom Hemmick Hard Probes in Heavy-ion Experiments (60)1
4:30-5:30pm Helmut Satz Color Confinement and Hawking Radiation in QCD (60)

November 14, Tuesday

Morning: Welcome Session (9:00-10:30 AM)

     Chair: Z. Y. Zhu

     T. D. Lee (Honorary Chair, Director of CCAST, Columbia Univ.)

     Hong-Jie Xu (Director of SINAP, CAS)

     Pei-Wen Ji (Director of Math & Phys Division of NNSFC)

     Mian-Heng Jiang (Vice President of CAS)

Morning: Plenary 1: Opening Talks (9:30-10:10 AM)

     Chair: S. Aronson

       High energy nuclear physics in China (20min) Wenqing Shen

       RHIC: the early years 每 (20min) Nick Samios

       Coffee Break (10:20-10:50)

Morning: Plenary 2: Experimental Highlights (10:50 AM-12:30 PM)

     Chair: J. Schukraft

       PHENIX highlights I: Propagation of Partons in a Colored Medium (25) John Lajoie

       STAR Results I: Physics with identified particles at STAR (25) Lijuan Ruan

       BRAHMS highlights (25) Ian G.Bearden

       Latest Results from the PHOBOS Collaboration (25) David Hofman

Afternoon: Plenary 3: Experimental Highlights (2:00 - 3:20 PM)

     Chair: J. Symons

       PHENIX highlights II: Photons, Hadronization and Thermalization (25) Matthias Grosse-Perdekamp

       STAR Results II: High-pT, Electro-Magnetic and Heavy Flavor Probes (25) Manuel Calderon

       Highlights from NA60 and other SPS experiments (30) Gianluca Usai

       Coffee break (3:20- 3:40 PM)

Afternoon: Plenary 4: Theory Overview (3:40 - 5:25 PM)

     Chair: B. Muller

       Theoretical overview: Toward understanding QGP (30) Jean-Paul Blaizot

       Quark matter and astrophysics of neutron stars(25) Madappa Prakash

       AdS/CFT and QGP (25) Dam T. Son

       Exploring hot and baryon-dense matter with nucleus-nucleus collisions (25) Jorgen Randrup

Evening: Reception

November 15, Wednesday

Morning: Plenary 5: Bulk Properties and Collective Flow (9:00-10:40 AM)

     Chair: B. Zajc

Experimental evidence of perfect fluidity at RHIC (25) Derek Teaney

Collective dynamics in heavy-ion collisions (25) Aihong Tang

Bulk and Spectral Observables in Lattice QCD (25) Tetsuo Hatsuda

The strongly-interacting low-viscosity matter (25) Joe Kapusta


       Coffee break (10:40-11:00 AM)

Morning: Plenary 6: Bulk and Collective Properties of QGP (11:00 AM -12:30 PM)

     Chair: H. G. Ritter

Probing the Medium at RHIC by Identified Particles (25) Olga Barranikova

Hydrodynamic description of heavy ion collision (25) Chiho Nonaka

Global polarization in non-central heavy-ion collisions (20) Zuo-tang Liang

Alignment of vector mesons in heavy-ion collision (STAR) (20) Jin-hui Chen


Afternoon: Parallel Talks 1 (2:00 -3:20)

       Coffee break (3:20 -3:50 PM)

              Parallel Sessions (3:50-5:00)

Poster Session (5:00 每 6:00 PM)


November 16, Thursday

Morning; Plenary 7: Jets and High pt (9:00-10:40 AM)

     Chair: T. Hallman

In-Medium Properties of Jets (25) Fuqiang Wang

Mach Cone in quark-gluon plasma (25) Jorge Casalderrey-Solana

Systematics of high pt hadron spectra (25) Julia Velkovska

AdS/CFT and jet quenching (25) Hong Liu


       Coffee break (10:40 -11:00)

Morning; Plenary 8: Jets and High pt (11:00 AM-12:25 PM)

     Chair: G. R. Young

Non-photonic leptons and charm production at RHIC (30) Alex Suaide

Comparative study of jet quenching models (30) Abhijit Majumder

Viscosity in the strongly interacting quark matter around the critical temperature (25) LEVAI Peter


Afternoon: Plenary 9: EM Probes (2:00 -3:20 PM)

     Chair: Y. Viyogi

Illuminating RHIC collisions with direct photons (25) Justin Frantz

Properties of mesons in the medium from heavy-ion collisions and elementary reactions (30) Volker Metag

Properties of vector mesons in matter (25) Ralf Rapp

       Coffee break (3:20 -3:50)

Afternoon: Plenary 10: Properties and dynamics of strongly interacting matter (3:50 -5:55 PM)

     Chair: J. Stachel

Partonic transport description of heavy-ion collision (25) Che-ming Ko

QCD at small-x (25) Francois Gelis

Thermalization via instabilities (25) Mike Strickland

QCD phase transition and fluctuation (25) Krzysztof Redlich

November 17, Friday


November 18, Saturday

Morning: Plenary 11: Quarkonium Production (9:00-10:40 AM)

     Chair: H. Satz

Theoretical issues in J/psi suppression (25) Dima Kharzeev

RHIC results on J/psi (25) Mike Leitch

NA60 results on J/psi (25) Enrico Scomparin

J/psi suppression: from RHIC to LHC (25) Peter Braun-Munzinger

       Coffee break (10:40 每 11:10)

Morning: Plenary 12: Quarkonium Production (10:50 AM-12:30 PM)

     Chair: H. Gutbrod

pQCD calculation of heavy quark and J/Psi production (30) Matteo Cacciari

J/psi suppression and regeneration (25) Pengfei Zhuang

In medium properties of light vector mesons (CLAS) (25) Chaden Djalali


Afternoon: Parallel Talks 2

(2:00 -3:30 PM)

       Coffee Break (3:30 -4:00 PM)

(4:00 每 6:00 PM)

November 19, Sunday

Morning: Plenary 13: Heavy Ion Physics in the next 10 years (9:00-11:00 AM)

     Chair: B. Wyslouch

Physics opportunities at LHC (30) Urs Wiedemann

Heavy-ion physics with ALICE (30) Federico Antinori

Heavy-ion physics with CMS (20) Russell Betts

Heavy-ion physics with ATLAS (20) Peter Steinberg

Black holes at LHC? (20) Horst Stoecker

       Coffee break (11:00 每 11:30 AM)

Morning: Plenary 14: Heavy Ion Physics in the next 10 years (11:30-12:40 AM)

     Chair: T. Ludlam

Future physics opportunities at RHIC (30) Barbara Jacak

FAIR and its experimental program (20) Walter Henning

JPARC and its experimental program (20) Shoji Nagamiya


Afternoon: Parallel Talks 3: (2:00 -3:30 PM)
       Coffee Break (3:30 -4:00 PM)
(4:00 每 6:00 PM)

7:00 PM Banquet

November 20, Monday

Morning: Plenary 15 (9:00 -11:00 AM)

     Chair: B. Sinha

Rapporteur 1: Jets and high pt physics (30) Marco van Leeuwen

Rapporteur 2: Heavy quark and EM probes (30) Ralf Averbeck1

Rapporteur 3: Bulk properties and collective phenomena (30) Shinchi Esumi1

Rapporteur 4: Theory summary (30) Larry McLerran