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 Water at biological interfaces plays a crucial  role in cell and molecular biology.This workshop  provides an excellent opportunity for researchers  from different disciplines to review the latest  progress on interfacial biological water, and ex-  change their experience, progress and ideas.

 Sponsored by:
 Academic Committee:

   Chair: Philip Ball
   (Nature, London, U.K.)
   Co-Chair: Haiping Fang
   (Shanghai Institute of Applied    Physics,CAS,China)

   Secretary: Shengfu Chen (Zhejiang    University)
,Xiaoling Lei (Shanghai    Institute of Applied Physics,CAS,China)

 Conference site:
 Shao Yifu Science Hall of   Yuquan  Campus, Zhejiang   University
  Yuquan Campus   Address£º
 NO.38, Zheda Road, West   Lake  District, Hangzhou